ADITHI (අදිති)
by Arka

The first of its kind in Sri Lanka

A Project by The Arka Initiative, and an effort to produce the most affordable sanitary pad on the market at present, so that all women can menstruate safely, and with dignity.

The Adithi story

In 2020, Arka received a grant from The Pad Project (2019 Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary Short, Period. End of Sentence) which enabled the importation of a pad machine from Saral Designs, based in Mumbai.

The overwhelming majority of menstruating women and girls in Sri Lanka do not use pads or tampons owing to lack of access and unaffordability. Having to rely on cloth instead ultimately leads to poor Menstrual Health Management (MHM) resulting in UTIs and work/school disruption.

Adithi distinguishes itself from other brands with its community-centric model of operation – the sanitary pad machine has been installed in a small village just south of Colombo, and its operations and manufacturing will be led by the women living in that area.

Updates from the Adithi site in Paraigama

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