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Sustainable Sanitation Project (SSP)

This project aims to reduce “period poverty” nationwide by remedying the lack of access to hygienic sanitary napkins. The process includes an educational program session that creates a safe space for women to ask questions about their menstrual and reproductive health.

The program also introduces these women to financially sustainable, reusable pads, with the hopes of giving back the control of their health, the confidence to participate in society and menstruate with dignity.


  1. Provision of sustainable reusable pads to underserved women as a substitute to using cloth, to menstruate with dignity.
  2. Question and answer session on how to use the pads and in depth discussions on menstrual hygiene.
  3. Interactive session addressing daily issues pertaining to reproductive and sexual health.
  4. Understand the cultural barriers to access, dispel myths and taboos and encourage communication.
  5. Follow up on the newly introduced sustainable pad, to provide large scale availability of the pad in all districts in Sri Lanka.

I feel like we gained a lot of information that we didn’t know before, and we ask that more programs be done as it was very valuable. We corrected many misconceptions, many blessings for organizing this.

I feel like it is a strength to not just me, but all who attended. Truly we haven’t spoken this openly before, I feel happy, and now I feel like we can even educate others. It seems like a lie to feel ashamed about these things now. It was such a good programme, wishing good merits to all involved

Sustainable Sanitation Project session attendee

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