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Our Work

Arka’s work is varied and wide-ranging, and includes sex education programs, providing prompt and anonymous responses to urgent questions, providing HIV tests and pap smear tests in collaboration with government and other entities, awareness sessions on stigmatized issues, and the production of affordable sanitary pads.

Vírya by Arka

The project aims to provide survivors of domestic violence with free legal representation to address one of the most serious crimes perpetuated against women & to facilitate access to justice

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ADITHI by Arka

A Project by The Arka Initiative, and an effort to produce the most affordable sanitary pad on the market at present, so that all women can menstruate safely, and with dignity.

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Arka at Institutions

A presence at various institutions, ranging from schools for the differently abled, schools, universities, maternal health hospitals and women’s centers both in and out of

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Arka Circles

The creation of safe spaces for young people to have conversations on difficult and taboo topics such as STDs, contraception and menstruation. Other Programmes by

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